I like making art, all kinds of art. I like to draw, to paint, to make sculptural pieces using all kinds of materials, and I really like to make collage work. Incorporating torn and cut pieces of paper on top of a painting, then adding pen or pencil marks, helps me translate my vision inspired by outdoor wanderings in the north Louisiana woods to a piece of art. Closely studying a piece of bark or a delicate feather can lead me into a whole new world of textures or designs that I want to honor with an image. Often I don’t start off intending to make a collage but after painting a piece, and working on it for a while, I just have to incorporate some paper into the work. I start by adding a little paper then often it is soon covered with lots of paper. While I seem to always return to making collages, I enjoy using a range of mediums.

My goal, as an artist, is to pay attention – to my natural surroundings as well as to everything in life. And I want my artwork to encourage others to do the same.

My work ranges in size from 4×4 inches to 4×12 feet.

I was honored to be featured in the regional publication, “Bayou Life Magazine.”  You can read the article online at this address: https://www.bayoulifemag.com/emily-caldwell-naturally-yours/

Emily Caldwell